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Dionisis Pettas


I surf on Data, Blockchain & Bitcoin


OpenAi's GPT-3 summarization

I have over 8 years of experience in data science and AI and have worked or collaborated with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Amazon, Google, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. I have contributed to multiple research fields while being a research associate at the University of Patras. I’ve created & curated multiple team setups in startups from the seed to the acquisition phase. I am currently a senior data scientist at Glassnode.

Tech stack

  • Python for 10+ years
  • SQL, SparkQL & BigQuery
  • Tensorflow/Pytorch


  • Deep learning stack design
  • Data pipeline design
  • Blockchain archaeology
  • Scale-up & culture curation



Senior Data Scientist

  • Translation of recent ML/AI advancements in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Deep learning research on event discovery objectives.
  • Multi-purpose metric & index development.



Machine Learning Engineer

  • Curation and expansion of machine learning pipelines.
  • Experimentation with modern model architectures, focusing on interpretability, reusability, the KPI goals, and end-product performance.


  • Implementation of novel research advancements in a production environment.

Tech used: Python | Tensorflow | Django | Elixir


Thermofisher Scientific

Computer Vision Engineer

Complex lab procedure automation on Scanning Electron Microscopes with Machine learning & Computer Vision.

  • Conducted research on improving hardware accuracy through Machine Learning & Data Science.
  • Created a hybrid particle tracking method that is still used to smash the competition.
  • Project design, supervision, and client communication.

Fullstack Software Engineer

  • Designed & created solutions with multiple entities such as the European Space Agency, crime investigation departments, etc.
  • Worked at the core of a product that enabled million-dollar scale improvements in the sales margin.


EU-funded Researcher

I was selected to participate as an associate researcher in two labs at my university based on the then-recent success of my thesis publication.

C.E.I.D. Data Science Lab

  • Data Democratization by lowering the computation cost.
  • Helped instrument novel tools and methods in community detection achieving exponential speedups in real-world datasets.

Tech Used: Python | PySpark | Tensorflow

V.V.R. Visualization & Virtual Reality Group

Asthma monitoring system - EU-funded project.

  • Designed and implemented a LSTM-backed predictive engine.
  • Improved drug administration efficiency.

Related work published in IEEE - BIBE 2019

Tech Used: Python | Tensorflow | LSTMs


C.E.I.D. @UoP | Greece

BSc in Computer Science | MSc in Data Science

Favorite modules:

  • Signal Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Project management
  • Advanced-Data Structures
  • Geometric Computation
  • Genetic programming
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP

Thesis: Distributed Community Prediction for Social Graphs based on Louvain algorithm.

Optimization of NP-hard class community detection algorithms through Machine Learning, in real-world

Generated applicable cross-industry impact in graph driven computations.

Published: AIAI-2019


Springer - AIAI 2019 | Distributed Community Prediction for Social Graphs based on the Louvain algorithm

IEEE - BIBE 2019 | Recognition of Breathing Activity and Medication Adherence using LSTM Neural Networks

Journal Applied System Innovation (ISSN 2571-5577) | An IOTA based Distributed Sensor Node System


Singularity University

Team Leader - Production Team

  • Ensured the smooth flow of the talks and workshops in the event's stages.
  • Coordinated the volunteers & managed/resolved any critical situation.



AmazonIssued Oct 2019 · No Expiration DateIssued Oct 2019 · No Expiration Date AWS Innovate Machine Learning & AI EditionAWS Innovate Machine Learning & AI Edition


Strengths & Interests


  • Successful team lead & coordinator of multiple teams.
  • Skilled in presentation & public speaking.
  • Industry tested curiosity and “out of the box” thinking.


  • Fast adaptation, Problem-solving,
  • Initiative,“Out of the box” thinking,
  • HighTech Industry experience


  • Snowboarding, Kite surfing, Crossfit, Traditional kung-fu, Photography


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